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Obituaries and Visitations

Nannie O. McMahon 
Died: January 26th, 2015View Obituary

Alexander Smith, Sr. 
Died: January 25th, 2015View Obituary

Annie G. Malone 
Died: January 24th, 2015View Obituary

Emma J. Gummer 
Died: December 26th, 2014View Obituary

Susie V. Fleming 
Died: December 25th, 2014View Obituary

Lula Pearl Dalton 
Died: December 19th, 2014View Obituary

Mary Ridley Clark 
Died: December 5th, 2014View Obituary

Barbara Faye Figgins 
Died: December 3rd, 2014View Obituary

Horace Oliver Griffith 
Died: November 28th, 2014View Obituary

Willie Ella Johnson 
Died: November 21st, 2014View Obituary

Annell Howse 
Died: November 20th, 2014View Obituary

Paul A. Burton 
Died: November 10th, 2014View Obituary

Georgie "Kate" Curtis 
Died: October 28th, 2014View Obituary

Eileen Franklin 
Died: September 30th, 2014View Obituary

Wanda J. Harrison 
Died: September 22nd, 2014View Obituary

Alma Edna Strong 
Died: September 15th, 2014View Obituary

Jimmie Lee Woodson 
Died: September 13th, 2014View Obituary

Annie Mae Frazier 
Died: September 5th, 2014View Obituary

Mary H. Davis 
Died: August 17th, 2014View Obituary

Blanche Matthews 
Died: August 17th, 2014View Obituary

Bobby Martin 
Died: August 16th, 2014View Obituary

Alice K. Zachery 
Died: August 14th, 2014View Obituary

Ronnie Alsup 
Died: August 14th, 2014View Obituary

Nancy Love 
Died: August 7th, 2014View Obituary

Mary Morrow 
Died: August 4th, 2014View Obituary

Willie L. Hughes 
Died: July 26th, 2014View Obituary

Alice H. Wallace 
Died: July 7th, 2014View Obituary

Cleo Bingham 
Died: July 7th, 2014View Obituary

Dorothy P. Lambert 
Died: June 2nd, 2014View Obituary

Doris A. McAdoo 
Died: May 25th, 2014View Obituary

Peggy Gooch 
Died: April 29th, 2014View Obituary

Rosetta Wiggins 
Died: April 10th, 2014View Obituary

Jessie Lee Perkins 
Died: February 9th, 2014View Obituary

Mary B. Ward 
Died: February 7th, 2014View Obituary

Patricia Stiles 
Died: February 3rd, 2014View Obituary

Dale Gaines 
Died: February 2nd, 2014View Obituary

Aleyne B. Garner 
Died: January 27th, 2014View Obituary

Phil Patterson, Jr. 
Died: January 27th, 2014View Obituary

John W. Bogasky 
Died: December 25th, 2013View Obituary

Dora Martin 
Died: November 28th, 2013View Obituary

Will "Big Will" Simmons, Jr. 
Died: November 25th, 2013View Obituary

Rosie L. Cantrell 
Died: November 15th, 2013View Obituary

Khaledah Cynthia Kaudeyr 
Died: November 8th, 2013View Obituary

Walter James Gooch 
Died: November 4th, 2013View Obituary

Gloria Delores Howse 
Died: October 31st, 2013View Obituary

Phyllis E. Smith 
Died: October 28th, 2013View Obituary

Joe Spivey 
Died: October 27th, 2013View Obituary

Ellen K. Preston 
Died: October 23rd, 2013View Obituary

Ethel Pearl Ervin 
Died: October 21st, 2013View Obituary

Edna M. Wade Carter 
Died: October 9th, 2013View Obituary

Mrs. Mary C. Scales 
Died: October 6th, 2013View Obituary

Sonita Moon Lockett 
Died: October 6th, 2013View Obituary

George Wade 
Died: October 4th, 2013View Obituary

Bobbie Jean Bailey 
Died: October 3rd, 2013View Obituary

Cora Lee McGinnis 
Died: September 12th, 2013View Obituary

Caleb Anthony Slater 
Died: September 7th, 2013View Obituary

James "Baby Simmons" Simmons 
Died: September 1st, 2013View Obituary

Christine Wade 
Died: August 21st, 2013View Obituary

John E. Howse, Sr. 
Died: August 18th, 2013View Obituary

Willie N. Smith 
Died: August 15th, 2013View Obituary

Jessie Smith 
Died: August 4th, 2013View Obituary

Irvin D. Albert, Jr. 
Died: July 18th, 2013View Obituary

Reverend Steve Claybrooks 
Died: June 28th, 2013View Obituary

Clifton Luther Akins 
Died: June 25th, 2013View Obituary

Mary Ann Similton 
Died: June 16th, 2013View Obituary

Curtis Lemons 
Died: June 6th, 2013View Obituary

Margo Vaughter 
Died: June 5th, 2013View Obituary

Michael Clark 
Died: June 4th, 2013View Obituary

Leslie Coleman 
Died: May 30th, 2013View Obituary

Lillie Pearl Owens 
Died: May 19th, 2013View Obituary

Ella Jane Overton 
Died: May 19th, 2013View Obituary

Sharon Denice "Neice" Holman 
Died: May 11th, 2013View Obituary

Juanita Ida Tabor 
Died: April 28th, 2013View Obituary

Ronnie Joe Webb 
Died: April 23rd, 2013View Obituary

Faitha Lee "Facie" Puckett 
Died: April 14th, 2013View Obituary

Richard H. Burton, Sr. 
Died: March 29th, 2013View Obituary

Richard L. Muse 
Died: March 21st, 2013View Obituary

Musie Jane Thompson 
Died: March 1st, 2013View Obituary

Mildred M. Schaefer 
Died: February 27th, 2013View Obituary

Nancy Trent 
Died: February 26th, 2013View Obituary

Sheila DeAhn Matlock 
Died: February 21st, 2013View Obituary

Mattie Smith 
Died: February 11th, 2013View Obituary

Sheikh T. Faye 
Died: February 11th, 2013View Obituary

Shelia A. Noblin 
Died: February 4th, 2013View Obituary

Lorethia Rochelle Pointer 
Died: February 4th, 2013View Obituary

Fritz Dodard 
Died: January 23rd, 2013View Obituary

Sara Helen Roper 
Died: January 12th, 2013View Obituary

Mary D. Vaughter 
Died: January 7th, 2013View Obituary

Irma Alexander 
Died: January 6th, 2013View Obituary

Joe Miller Hathaway, Sr. 
Died: December 31st, 2012View Obituary

Joseph Brian Davis 
Died: December 26th, 2012View Obituary

Robert H. Tabor 
Died: December 11th, 2012View Obituary

James Neal McKnight 
Died: December 8th, 2012View Obituary

Forrestine Gregory 
Died: November 28th, 2012View Obituary

Margaret Blevins 
Died: November 27th, 2012View Obituary

Elizabeth "Betty" Postalwait 
Died: November 20th, 2012View Obituary

Arthur Lee Swader 
Died: November 10th, 2012View Obituary

Dr. Cyril A. Peebles 
Died: November 6th, 2012View Obituary

Carrietta Smart 
Died: October 22nd, 2012View Obituary

Roland Gresham 
Died: October 18th, 2012View Obituary

Beulah C. Peacock 
Died: October 9th, 2012View Obituary

Major M. King 
Died: October 3rd, 2012View Obituary

Mary Henrietta Lester - Mount 
Died: September 10th, 2012View Obituary

Robert "Bobby" Malone, Sr. 
Died: August 26th, 2012View Obituary

James H. Dunston, Jr. 
Died: August 25th, 2012View Obituary

Robert Pryor 
Died: August 10th, 2012View Obituary

Kenneth E. James, Sr. 
Died: August 7th, 2012View Obituary

Annette Cordelia Scales 
Died: July 7th, 2012View Obituary

Otis J. Dozier, Sr. 
Died: June 30th, 2012View Obituary

Michael Lamont Davis 
Died: June 18th, 2012View Obituary

Walter Buckingham, Sr. 
Died: June 16th, 2012View Obituary

Almeda Green Dunaway 
Died: June 7th, 2012View Obituary

James Walter Barbee 
Died: June 2nd, 2012View Obituary

Joseph "Sim" Simmons 
Died: May 25th, 2012View Obituary

Mittie Alexander 
Died: May 18th, 2012View Obituary

Elder Dallas Green 
Died: May 16th, 2012View Obituary

Claude E. Scales 
Died: May 7th, 2012View Obituary

Edwina V. Epps 
Died: May 7th, 2012View Obituary

Aaron M. Jones. 
Died: May 1st, 2012View Obituary

Jessica Fayissa 
Died: April 22nd, 2012View Obituary

Royal Caruthers 
Died: April 10th, 2012View Obituary

Sarah Louise Hatcher 
Died: April 2nd, 2012View Obituary

Curtis A. "Trooper" Howse, Jr. 
Died: March 26th, 2012View Obituary

Samuel Daniel 
Died: March 21st, 2012View Obituary

Jamareo Gray 
Died: February 21st, 2012View Obituary

Arthur Walker 
Died: February 14th, 2012View Obituary

Mollie I. Holbert 
Died: February 7th, 2012View Obituary

Rebecca Lewis 
Died: January 23rd, 2012View Obituary

Geraldine McGowan 
Died: January 20th, 2012View Obituary

Elizabeth Jones Patton 
Died: January 17th, 2012View Obituary

Jerry H. McCullough 
Died: January 17th, 2012View Obituary

Sarah Alberta "Bert" Rucker 
Died: November 26th, 2011View Obituary

John Lewis Pitts 
Died: November 24th, 2011View Obituary

James Vaughter 
Died: November 18th, 2011View Obituary

Aleane King 
Died: November 10th, 2011View Obituary

Carl E. "Buster" Robinson, Jr. 
Died: October 20th, 2011View Obituary

Richard Harris 
Died: October 7th, 2011View Obituary

Willie Dee Bass 
Died: September 22nd, 2011View Obituary

Xarriel Allana May 
Died: September 14th, 2011View Obituary

Michael A. "Rail" Young 
Died: September 4th, 2011View Obituary

Lillian Covington 
Died: August 21st, 2011View Obituary

Madeline Martin Stafford 
Died: August 12th, 2011View Obituary

Mattie W. Watkins 
Died: August 7th, 2011View Obituary

Bessie Pillow Black 
Died: August 2nd, 2011View Obituary

Eva Gooch 
Died: July 16th, 2011View Obituary

Miranda K. Talley 
Died: July 5th, 2011View Obituary

Frances Wade Johnson 
Died: June 23rd, 2011View Obituary

Margaret Elizabeth Willis 
Died: June 16th, 2011View Obituary

Sandra A. Lee 
Died: June 13th, 2011View Obituary

Jesse J. Anderson 
Died: June 6th, 2011View Obituary

Theodore Williams, III 
Died: May 31st, 2011View Obituary

Larry Sanders 
Died: May 30th, 2011View Obituary

Lewis Martin Roman, Jr. 
Died: May 29th, 2011View Obituary

Misty Escobedo 
Died: May 21st, 2011View Obituary

Vivian Rose Roper 
Died: May 7th, 2011View Obituary

Peter Samuel Nearn 
Died: April 28th, 2011View Obituary

Shirley Ann Alexander 
Died: April 27th, 2011View Obituary

Aubrey Haynes 
Died: April 20th, 2011View Obituary

Died: April 10th, 2011View Obituary

Houston S. Overton, Sr. 
Died: April 4th, 2011View Obituary

Robert J. McHenry, Sr. 
Died: April 3rd, 2011View Obituary

James Ankrom 
Died: March 6th, 2011View Obituary

Dorothy Williams 
Died: February 28th, 2011View Obituary

Preston M. Scales 
Died: February 23rd, 2011View Obituary

Ruby M. Brown 
Died: February 19th, 2011View Obituary

Bessie Sheron Mack Dunston 
Died: February 15th, 2011View Obituary

Lorene Howlett 
Died: February 6th, 2011View Obituary

James I. Mitchell 
Died: February 5th, 2011View Obituary

Tony Webb, Jr. 
Died: January 26th, 2011View Obituary

Pauline Bingham Gaines 
Died: January 25th, 2011View Obituary

Will O. Burns 
Died: January 16th, 2011View Obituary

Josephine Huddleston "Mu" Roper 
Died: January 13th, 2011View Obituary

JD Pearson 
Died: January 8th, 2011View Obituary

Alberta Scales Patton 
Died: January 4th, 2011View Obituary

Mollie D. Bryson 
Died: January 1st, 2011View Obituary

Pastor John Edward Minter 
Died: December 10th, 2010View Obituary

Annie Rowena McKnight 
Died: December 3rd, 2010View Obituary

Leonard Caldwell, Sr. 
Died: November 27th, 2010View Obituary

Barbara Jean Albert 
Died: November 9th, 2010View Obituary

Jimmie Green Thompson, Sr. 
Died: November 7th, 2010View Obituary

Hurlene Finch Scott 
Died: November 2nd, 2010View Obituary

Curtis Ray Wallace 
Died: October 25th, 2010View Obituary

Glenn S. Sanders 
Died: October 19th, 2010View Obituary

Gene G. Sanders 
Died: October 18th, 2010View Obituary

Margo Hardaway 
Died: October 16th, 2010View Obituary

H. Parks Brame 
Died: October 13th, 2010View Obituary

Lorene A. Watkins 
Died: October 12th, 2010View Obituary

Gladys M. Smith 
Died: October 7th, 2010View Obituary

James B. "Big Wag" Wagner 
Died: October 6th, 2010View Obituary

Mary M. Wilson 
Died: September 21st, 2010View Obituary

Zack Adam James 
Died: September 13th, 2010View Obituary

Michael Ivy 
Died: September 10th, 2010View Obituary

Edgar Gene Brown 
Died: September 4th, 2010View Obituary

Jonathan Duran Scales 
Died: September 4th, 2010View Obituary

Shirley Temple Jordan 
Died: August 30th, 2010View Obituary

Eddie P. Hooper, Jr. 
Died: August 13th, 2010View Obituary

Karen LeFlouria 
Died: August 11th, 2010View Obituary

A.G. Blackman 
Died: August 8th, 2010View Obituary

Brenda Scruggs 
Died: August 4th, 2010View Obituary

Addie Lawrence Lucas 
Died: July 24th, 2010View Obituary

Charles Spencer, Sr. 
Died: July 7th, 2010View Obituary

Mario Gadaleta 
Died: July 6th, 2010View Obituary

Macey L. Smart 
Died: July 2nd, 2010View Obituary

Leon Barnes 
Died: June 28th, 2010View Obituary

DeJuan Lamel Duke 
Died: June 24th, 2010View Obituary

Pearly M. Claybrooks 
Died: June 22nd, 2010View Obituary

Susie M. Simmons 
Died: June 20th, 2010View Obituary

David Lamar Brown 
Died: June 14th, 2010View Obituary

Marshall "MD 20/20" Davis 
Died: June 10th, 2010View Obituary

Maceo R. Sharp 
Died: April 6th, 2010View Obituary

Sammie Luther Fletcher 
Died: March 14th, 2010View Obituary

Ellen Rawlison 
Died: March 13th, 2010View Obituary

George B. Smith, Jr. 
Died: March 2nd, 2010View Obituary

Beatrice S. Robinson 
Died: February 10th, 2010View Obituary

Georgia Lee Batey 
Died: February 4th, 2010View Obituary

Elbert "Vern" Lavern Robertson 
Died: February 2nd, 2010View Obituary

Robert E. Wade, Sr. 
Died: January 25th, 2010View Obituary

Sada Khantiyavong 
Died: January 23rd, 2010View Obituary

Ollie C. Puckett, Sr. 
Died: January 22nd, 2010View Obituary

John H. Tucker 
Died: January 10th, 2010View Obituary

Willie Henry Brandon 
Died: January 5th, 2010View Obituary

Michael A. Bingham 
Died: January 4th, 2010View Obituary

Margaret E. Garner 
Died: December 22nd, 2009View Obituary

Elease R. Parrish 
Died: December 13th, 2009View Obituary

Samella Robertson 
Died: December 13th, 2009View Obituary

Mayne Glimps, Jr. 
Died: December 11th, 2009View Obituary

Lucy R. Mays 
Died: November 29th, 2009View Obituary

John J. McManus, Jr. 
Died: November 17th, 2009View Obituary

Jessie Jackson 
Died: November 13th, 2009View Obituary

Leroy Barnes 
Died: November 12th, 2009View Obituary

Dorothy Pearl Daniel 
Died: November 2nd, 2009View Obituary

Sam Ella Patterson 
Died: November 2nd, 2009View Obituary

Rev. John T. Howse, Sr. 
Died: October 29th, 2009View Obituary

Deacon Carl Wade 
Died: October 19th, 2009View Obituary

Lashawna Anna Jones 
Died: October 18th, 2009View Obituary

Rev. Ernest Howse 
Died: October 5th, 2009View Obituary

Clara Lou Tillage 
Died: October 1st, 2009View Obituary

Gracie Mai Sanders 
Died: September 27th, 2009View Obituary

James Arthur Rose 
Died: September 25th, 2009View Obituary

Sam Aaron Maney 
Died: September 23rd, 2009View Obituary

Mary Ruth Reasonover James 
Died: September 18th, 2009View Obituary

Marjorie Nibbe 
Died: September 8th, 2009View Obituary

Ernest Edward Orr 
Died: September 5th, 2009View Obituary

Herman L. Burton 
Died: September 5th, 2009View Obituary

Horace P. Swader, Sr. 
Died: August 26th, 2009View Obituary

Mary Lucila Sanders 
Died: August 10th, 2009View Obituary

Paul H. Malone 
Died: August 2nd, 2009View Obituary

Jack C. Albert 
Died: August 1st, 2009View Obituary

Dorothy A. Vaughter 
Died: July 31st, 2009View Obituary

Tina Louise Grant 
Died: July 28th, 2009View Obituary

Lula F. McCullough 
Died: July 18th, 2009View Obituary

Jannie Mai Marable Brown 
Died: July 8th, 2009View Obituary


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